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Don't Leave Tree Stumps in the Ground

If you’ve cut down a tree that was interfering with your property, you’re left with the task of clearing each piece until all that’s left is a solid stump. You may be wondering if you should uproot the stump, grind it, or allow it to remain in your yard. There are many possibilities for each choice, but many tree experts recommend eradicating the stump instead of leaving it in your yard.

Whatever you plan to do, it’s crucial to understand the consequences of leaving the tree stump intact, grinding it, or clearing it from your yard. Here’s what you need to know about tree stump removal:

Leaving a Tree Stump in the Ground

It may seem harmless to leave an old tree stump in your yard. However, the longer it stays, the more likely it can cause problems. For instance, it can obstruct your mowing path or become a trip hazard for your household. It is also more difficult to plant a new tree when leaving the stump behind.

Once you’ve cut down a tree and left the stump in the ground, it starts to decay very slowly, becoming a fertile environment for pests like termites and carpenter ants. Animals in your neighborhood may even spread these pests to other areas of your property. To avoid this problem, you must remove the stump entirely or grind it down.

Choosing Between Stump Removal or Grinding

Both these methods of addressing your stump issue have their advantages and drawbacks. The stump removal process is intense and intrusive since you’ll have to lift out the heavy, bulky tree stump and dig out all its widespread roots. Since it takes a lot of time, effort, and equipment, it’s best to hire a tree removal service to take care of this for you. Still, once you remove the stump, you’re free to fill out the hole any way you wish, whether you want to replace it with a new plant or smooth it over.

Alternatively, stump grinding is less tedious. Tree cutters will use a machine to shred the stump into tiny wood chips. This method is faster and more efficient, although it will leave the tree’s roots in the soil. Regardless, you can use the wood chips as mulch for the other plants on your property.

While stump grinding addresses the presence of the stump, it doesn’t take care of the roots that are spread out underneath the topsoil. It can reach 12 feet and beyond where the stump initially was, and if they aren’t removed, they will start a lengthy decaying process that can take more than ten years.

Other Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

Apart from maintaining the health of your backyard and landscaping, there are other reasons to opt for a tree stump removal instead of allowing it to stay. Since it will decay slowly over time, it will eventually become an eyesore, downgrading your property’s façade and overall appeal. It will also cause your property value to fall, affecting how much you can potentially earn from it. You’ll also risk damaging your mower if you roll over the stump by accident, and you won’t be able to plant new trees near the stump as long as the stump and its roots remain.


Tree stump removal is necessary to maintain your property, retain its value, and ensure the rest of your yard is healthy and in good shape. By hiring Bubba Stump Grinding to take care of your stumps and clear them from your landscape, you won’t have to worry about creepy crawlies, accidental mower damage, and other problems that come with a remaining stump.

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