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Stump Grinding versus Removal

If you have recently gotten rid of a tree in your yard, chances are you will want to get rid of the unsightly stump it’s left behind, too. However, before you consider traditional stump removal, you should know this can be a complicated process, which may actually cause more damage to your property than it’s worth. That’s why at Bubba Stump Grinding, we recommend stump grinding, a less invasive way of dealing with stumps that doesn’t cause unnecessary harm to your property in the process. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between stump grinding versus removal, and remember to call Bubba Stump Grinding for all your professional tree service needs.

The Benefits Of Stump Grinding Over Removal

  1. Stump Grinding Does Not Involve Deep Extraction: When you call for tree stump removal, your landscaping professional will need to use heavy-duty equipment to dig into your soil. That’s because unlike grinding, stump removal involves extracting not only your leftover tree stump but also your tree roots, which may potentially be buried deep within the ground. Using one of our cutting-edge stump grinders is less intensive, and allows us to shave your stump down until it no longer stands as an eyesore.
  2. Stump Grinding Is Safe & Efficient: Because stump removal is a more invasive process, which requires heavy machinery, it also creates a greater risk of someone getting hurt. Stump grinding is comparatively safe, and can be completed efficiently, allowing you to reduce risk and worry less about interruptions to your property and schedule.
  3. Stump Grinding Is Comprehensive: Some stumps can be ground 18 inches into the ground, though the industry standard for stump grinding is to go until you can no longer see the trunk. It all depends on the size of the stump we are dealing with, and the needs of your property. Either way, you are able to get rid of that unwanted stump without leaving a big hole in the ground.
  4. Stump Grinding Takes Care of Tree Roots: You might assume that stump grinding would allow your tree to re-sprout again, since the roots are left behind. However, by grinding the stump all the way down, we are able to effectively eliminate any chance that the unwanted tree will grow back. Instead, any remaining tree roots will simply decay in your soil over time.
  5. Stump Grinding Does Not Leave the Door Open for Pests: While termites and other pests are often attracted to dead wood, Bubba Stump Grinding will ensure insects are kept away, and your property is safe following the stump grinding process. Our team will remove any remaining sawdust that can attract termites, and get rid of any lingering wood where insects could make their nest.

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Looking for a way to use wood chips and help recycle our natural resources? Here are ten ways that have been shared with us.

  1. Make a compost pile.
  2. Use around trees and in flower beds as attractive way to keep weeds down and moisture in.
  3. Reduce dust on unpaved roads and driveways.
  4. Create beautiful paths and walkways.
  5. Use in parking areas and fill in ruts under SUVs.
  6. Add as protective ground cover for children's play area.
  7. Use for bedding area In dog and other animal kennels, and horse stables.
  8. Add a natural element to your landscaping.
  9. Spread protective layer to moderate soil temperature.
  10. Add to flower pots and hanging baskets.


Over time, trees can become sick, infested, or decay. Even if you are able to take a smaller tree down piece by piece, you will be left with a stump in the midst of your property.
Over time, trees can become sick, infested, or decay. Even if you are able to take a smaller tree down piece by piece, you will be left with a stump in the midst of your lawn. Stump Removal in Atlanta GA can be difficult. There are a number of options available for removing tree stumps on your property.
First of all you have to understand that the method of Stump Removal in Atlanta, GA is dependent on a number of tree features. The type of tree has an enormous affect on ideal stump removal techniques, as root system patterns vary greatly from one species of tree to another. That said, here are a number of methods that are commonly used for stump removal, along with a brief explanation of the circumstances under which they would be used.
Stumps from small, shallow-rooted trees can simply be removed through hand digging. With a shovel, ax, grub hoe, loppers, and a root saw, you can do the job yourself. You will have to dig to expose the roots, and then cut them with a diameter-appropriate tool. From that point you can remove the stump and pull the roots from the ground.
Larger stumps will require the use of a stump grinder in order to be successfully removed. A standard stump grinder can grind up stumps that are as much as a foot below ground. You can rent a stump grinder yourself, or call Bubba Stump Grinding in Atlanta, GA experts to grind and remove medium to large stumps for you.
In some cases, stumps must be removed using a backhoe. This is expensive, but is often necessary when stumps are in planting areas. A significant portion of the cost comes from the need to haul stumps away. If you have an area on your property where stumps can be buried, this can cut your costs using this method of removal. If the stumps you need removed are smaller in diameter, a skidsteer machine will do the trick while causing less of a mess on your property. Note that skidsteers can often be rented, while backhoes cannot.

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